Do you know you can scale your idea to funding in 15 days?

Partner with experts, who have seen 100+ successful fundings, to increase your success rate, reduce risk, quick launch and raise funds.

Companyon Assembly is an intensive one-on-one program tailor-made for early stage founders.

A Program Designed To Suit Your Need

First Time Founders

Leverage our startup experience and connections as your launchpad.


Fuel your startup with our business strategy, finance and market entry expertise.

Experienced Teams

Complement your experience with our growth expertise and execution speed.

Teams Applying to Accelerators

Stand apart from your competition with our expertise.

The Tactical & Strategic Cost of Overbootstrapping

Founders get caught in this vicious cycle, running out of Cash, Time & Bandwidth

Reduced Bandwidth

leads to

Startup Stasis

Rethink Strategy

Identify Expert For Advice

Build Investor Material

Zero to Low Customer Traction

Delayed Product Roll-outs

Investor Community Indifference

How Companyon Assembly works?

The program is designed to be time-efficient. Our WORKSHOP + WORK SPRINT format ensures minimal disruption to entrepreneurs.

Companyon led brainstorming and ideation sessions with the entrepreneur


Behind the scenes research, analysis and planning work done by the Companyon team

Business Assessment
Market Entry
Research Sprint
  • Market size

  • Industry trends

  • Customer profiles

  • Customer segments

  • Competitive landscape 

  • Competitive moat

Market Entry Sprint
  • GTM product specs

  • Customer prioritization

  • Success metrics

  • Industry CAC analysis

  • Competitor CAC analysis

  • Customer acquisition strategy

Business Modeling
Modeling Sprint
  • Income statement

  • Balance sheet

  • Cash flow statement

  • Hiring and compensation

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Ask and use of funds

Investor Messaging

• Funding round dynamics
• Investor profiling & messaging
• Pitch deck & Investment teaser
• Pitch delivery training
• Post-pitch game-plan
• Accounting systems setup

Activate Sprint
Demo Pitch
Why is this model successful?
Conserve Capital
Minimize Risk

Use intelligence to guide your


Access investor
feedback to attract

Avoid burning cash on strategic

Avoid spending time
networking for expertise

Understand how to extend your

Maximize Return

Access venture-tested expertise
to build the startup


Setup systems & processes for
sustainable growth


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